Process Chart for New Canadian Graduates

important_iconIf you have received your physiotherapy education outside of Canada, please visit the Internationally Educated Professionals portion of this website for information on how to become registered and licensed with the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM).

For Physiotherapists Educated in Canada

You must complete the registration process below to become registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM). You may need to complete some steps through the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR):

Steps Outcome Details
Complete STEP 1-4 Become registered with CPM as an Exam Candidate Allows you to work under Supervision
Complete STEP 5 Become registered with CPM for Active Practice Allows you to practice physiotherapy in Manitoba
Timeline Step Cost* Details
STEP 1: Exam Part 1 (CAPR)
Gather your required documents You must pass Exam Part 1
Complete the application form
Pay the application fee* $1,002 (2020)
Pass the exam
You must pass Exam Part 2 within 24 months of passing Exam Part 1 STEP 2: Exam Part 2 (CAPR)
Gather your required documents You must be registered for the next available sitting of Exam Part 2 before moving on to Steps 3 and 4

You must pass Exam Part 2
Exam may require travel costs

Complete the application form
Pay the application fee* $1,813 (2020)
STEP 3: Employment under Supervision (Manitoba Employer)
Secure employment and obtain a Letter of Offer with start date Once you secure employment and a Supervisor, you may register as an Exam Candidate and work under Supervision




Obtain a Supervisor and complete a Supervised Practice Agreement
Obtain Professional Liability Insurance
STEP 4:  Exam Candidate (CPM)
Gather your required documents
Complete the Exam Candidate Registration Application Form
Pay the registration fee* $598.69 or                 $299.35 (prorated**)
Mandatory within 30 days of successfully completing Exam Part 2 STEP 5: Active Practice (CPM)
Gather your required documents Once you Pass Exam Part 2, you may register for Active Practice and work unsupervised
Pay the registration fee* $798.25 or $399.13 (prorated**)
Congratulations, you are registered.

*All fees are listed in Canadian dollars.
**Your registration fee is prorated if you register after August 1. You must pay the registration fee annually.