New Survey Available

New Survey Available


Digital Health Survey for Physiotherapists in Manitoba

You are being asked to participate in an online survey which will ask you a series of questions and should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Feedback from this survey will be used to perform gap analysis and needs assessment on physiotherapists use, knowledge and attitudes towards digital health in Manitoba.

A better understanding of digital health tools and health data can support health system planning, policy development and advocacy for physiotherapy services within Manitoba’s health-care system.

Your feedback is important!

Study name:

I.T. for P.T.: Developing digital health core competencies for physiotherapists

Principal Investigator:

Katie Dyck BMR(PT), College of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Manitoba

Ph. (204) 795-6178 | E:

Purpose of Study:

This survey is part of a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences research study being conducted to develop digital health core competencies for physiotherapists. The objectives of this study are to better enable physiotherapists to leverage digital health tools, systems and applications to:

  • practice effectively in technology-based settings
  • inform and enhance clinical practice and patient care
  • enhance learning, professional development, and innovative research
  • develop and encourage digital health literacy to support a culture of data driven patient care and continuous quality improvement activities
  • facilitate interprofessional practice and communication
  • support health system planning, policy development and advocacy for physiotherapy services within Manitoba’s health-care system

We will not be recording IP addresses or email addresses as part of this survey process. All survey responses will be aggregated and shared only in group format, so no identifiable individual responses will be reported. This survey may be distributed in subsequent years. At the end of the survey you will be asked if you wish to participate in a longitudinal study cohort which will require submission of an email address for communication purposes and longitudinal data comparison. Email addresses optionally provided for participation in the study cohort will not be attached to the initial survey data and will only be used for comparison with future survey iterations.

Read the Consent Disclosure  for more information on our process, how the information is being protected, and to understand that clicking the survey link implies consent to participate.

When ready, click the survey link below to begin.  The survey will close November 14, 2018.

Thank for your time and we hope you will consider participating.

Please contact Katie Dyck as principal investigator if you have any questions or concerns at Ph. (204) 795-6178 | E:


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