Guidelines for the Candidate

  1. The candidate must secure employment under supervision.
  2. The candidate must submit the Supervised Practice Agreement (PDF) to the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM)
  3. The candidate under Supervised Practice is responsible for making arrangements in accordance with the Supervised Practice criteria
  4. It is the responsibility of the candidate to notify CPM if there is a change in the Supervisor.

Guidelines for the Facility

  1. The Supervisor must be a Manitoba registered physiotherapist with a minimum of three years on the Active Practice Register.
  2. The Supervisor should report any unsafe practices to the CPM Registrar.
  3. The Supervisor assumes responsibility for the delegation of activities that are within the Exam Candidate’s knowledge, skill and abilities and oversees these activities. Chart notes do not need to be co-signed but should be reviewed initially.
  4. Written evaluation by the Supervisor is required (Canadian Physiotherapy Assessment of Clinical Performance).  These evaluations are to be forwarded to the CPM Registrar. Concerns are to be discussed with the Registrar.
  5. There must be one designated facility Supervisor identified to CPM. For specific clinical settings, other physiotherapists may be assigned to supervise and evaluate the candidate but must report back to the designated Supervisor.
  6. The Board of Assessors of CPM monitors progress of candidates under Supervised Practice and can serve as a resource should problems arise.
  7. Both parties in the Supervised Practice Agreement may be asked to provide evaluation of the program.


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