Ethics for Physiotherapists

Code of Ethics

The Legislature of Manitoba has granted to the profession the privilege of self-regulation for the purpose of protecting the public and promoting the public interest. This Code of Ethics is a set of principles of professional conduct that establishes the requirements and expectations for physiotherapists in fulfilling duties to:

  • Their clients
  • The public
  • The profession
  • Their colleagues

Because the Code addresses broad ethical obligations, the onus is on individual physiotherapists to maintain a working knowledge of, and comply with, the legislation and policies in the workplace and jurisdictions in which they practice.

For those about to enter the profession, the Code identifies the basic moral and ethical commitments of physiotherapists, and will serve as a source for education and reflection. For those within the profession, the Code provides direction for ethical practice. In so doing, it also serves as a basis for self-evaluation. For those outside the profession, the Code provides public identification of the profession’s ethical expectations of its members.

Code of Ethics April 29, 2021 (PDF)
5.1 Practice Direction Conflict of Interest In Practice (PDF)
5.2 Practice Direction Fee Schedule and Billing Practices (PDF)


Where’s the line? Professional Boundaries in a Therapeutic Relationship (2015)  (PDF)

This publication is available in alternate formats on request.