Ethics for Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy 24/7

Would you believe that a healthcare professional could lose their job for presenting a derogatory personal opinion on an on-line rating site (e.g. Yelp) or for exhibiting exaggerated angry behaviour that was caught on camera? (see CPA’s “Physiotherapy Practice” March/April 2018 edition for related information). Stories like these remind us that the defining line between our professional and personal lives is fading. As physiotherapists, we need to continually be aware that with social media and the presence of print/video that is widespread and long-lasting, we take risks when our actions in public spaces could be interpreted as being unprofessional. We have ethical obligations to maintain and enhance the reputation and standing of the physiotherapy profession, and to inspire public trust and confidence in physiotherapists.

This case study was published in CPM’s In-Touch Newsletter in November 2018