Updated Continuing Competence News

The Continuing Competency Program has completed the final pilot of the new Practice Reflection Submission form in May this year. Thank you to all of the registrants who participated in this pilot. Thank you as well to those who provided valuable feedback following the pilot. Based on this feedback regarding the process, forms and educational materials, final edits will be made this fall and the new process will go live for renewal in 2023. The Continuing Competency Program will move to a full random selection of 20% of Active registrants for the Practice Reflection component of the program for 2023 with notification to those registrants who have been selected going out in November 2022. The CCP appreciated all of the hard work the Continuing Competence Committee, the Continuing Competence Evaluation Committee, Council and CPM staff have put in to making these changes happen.

Practice Reflection Submission

The main difference with the new Practice Submission form and process is the reduction of submissions required as well as the timeline of the submission. Previously registrants were expected to have two Learning Goals developed at the beginning of the year and would then submit two Accomplishment Statements at the end of that year reflecting on their Learning Goals. The new process will have one submission completed per year. This submission is retrospective in nature; meaning a registrant will reflect on a goal or learning opportunity they had in the last year, removing the need to identify these goals in advance.

How is this portion of the program evaluated?

Twenty percent of active registrants will continue to be randomly selected per year to submit their forms online for peer review. Once a registrant has been selected for this process, additional educational sessions and videos will be made available on where to access the educational materials as well as how to use the new online system. The presence of the Practice Reflection Submission forms will be checked as well during the Practice Audit process. It will be expected that a registrant is able to produce the last five years of Practice Reflection Submission forms during their onsite or virtual audit as of 2023. As the Professional Portfolio will no longer be a mandatory part of the Continuing Competency Program in 2022, these submissions can be saved in paper or electronic format and do not need to be presented in the portfolio format. Please visit the Member Portal to view the Practice Reflection Submission resources.

Practice Audit

The Practice Audit component of the Continuing Competency Program continues to flow well with excellent work from our eight trained auditors. To date, a total of 149 practice audits have taken place. The selection for a Practice Audit occurs randomly from our list of Active registrants. It is expected that each registrant would be selected for audit every 5-7 years. The Practice Audit documents have been added to the CPM Member Portal as well for all registrants to access and review as needed.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer in the Practice Audit Program, please contact CPM at (204) 287-8502.

If you would like further information regarding the Continuing Competency Program or the specific information provided above, please contact

Updated June 30
, 2022