Updated Continuing Competence News

Based on the recent 5-year review of CPM’s Continuing Competency Program, modifications to the Practice Reflection component are being presented to Council in early 2021 for approval. These changes would come into effect in 2022. More details on the new process will be made available once Council has reviewed and approved the changes brought forth by the Continuing Competence Committee.

Learning Plan Goal Submissions

We will not be completing a random selection for Learning Goals in 2021. If you would like to individually identify a goal for next year, please do so, but the Continuing Competency Program will not be selecting the normal 20% of registrant to submit their goals for review.

Accomplishment Statement Submissions

CPM is aware of the increased stress that 2020 has brought both to registrants’ work life and personal life. Council has approved that those who submitted their Learning Goals in 2020 WILL NOT have to submit the associated Accomplishment statements for review on or before January 31, 2021. We acknowledge that Learning Goals set in January of this year may not be relevant to your current practice. If you would like to complete the cycle and submit your Accomplishment Statement or you have already submitted, these will be reviewed by the Coordinator of the Continuing Competency Program and feedback will be provided by e-mail as received. We have all had to adapt to the changes that COVID 19 has brought to our lives, and we commend the work and time our membership has devoted to ensure the public has access to physiotherapy services.

Practice Audit

The Practice Audit component of the Continuing Competency Program continues to flow well with excellent work from our seven trained auditors. To date, a total of 116 practice audits have taken place. The selection for a Practice Audit occurs randomly from our list of Active registrants. It is expected that each registrant would be selected for audit every 5-7 years.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer in the Practice Audit Program, please contact CPM at (204) 287-8502.

** Please note, the changes to the Practice Reflection component of the Continuing Competency Program does not impact our Practice Audits. Council approved the continuation of Practice Audits which resumed in September 2020 with COVID 19 precautions adhered to and virtual options available for the safety of our registrants and auditors. The program regularly selects 5% of the active registrants to participate in this stream of the program and this random selection will continue for 2021. It is essential that the College is able to demonstrate ongoing competence of its membership and participation in continuing competence to Manitoba Health and Council.

If you would like further information regarding the Continuing Competency Program or the specific information provided above, please contact

Updated January 8
, 2021