Continuing Competence

Completing your Accomplishment Statement

PURPOSE:  Every year you will need to review your previous year’s Learning Goals and Activities Tracking Sheets and determine if you have achieved your indicators of success.

The Accomplishment Statement Sheet is provided to you as a tool to encourage reflection on your professional goals in order to promote continuing competence to practice physiotherapy. Active reflection helps you continue to self-assess and ensure your learning is relevant to your practice.

Regular reflection prevents you from becoming complacent and diminishes the fear of trying new approaches. This will ensure that your competence remains current and relevant to your practice. Reflection is something professionals carry out throughout their career.

With a goal of trying a new method, you will identify learning activities to help you pursue your goal. After you implement your learning, you need to evaluate your success or failures through reflection – What worked? What didn’t work? Were the results what you expected? What might you do differently next time? Once again, you may be setting new goals and repeating the cycle. The reflection cycle takes you through a learning process that incorporates thinking about your learning.

Consider the impact of what you learned on your practice:

  • What did you learn that you planned to learn?
  • What did you learn that you didn’t anticipate?
  • What is the impact of your learning?
  • What can you do now that you could not before?
  • What do you know now that you didn’t before?
  • What have you done with what you have learned?
  • How can you validate this?
  • Do you need to learn more?
  • Is there anything that is preventing you from putting your learning into practice?
  • How can you overcome this?

This step is crucial if you wish to improve your practice. It will lead you to other experiences and start the process again.

When you complete the Accomplishment Statement Sheet, focus on how you feel your learning activities improved the quality of your work and how your learning benefited your service user(s). Use your Learning Activities Tracking Sheet as an additional resource.

Some questions you might consider answering are:

  • How has your learning affected how you work?
  • How has your learning benefited your service users?
  • How is your learning relevant to your work?
  • What parts of your role are affected by the learning activities you undertook this year?
  • How have you updated your knowledge and skills over the past year?
  • What different types of leaning activities have you undertaken?

A note on your writing style:

The Practice Reflection is not an assessment of how well you can write. When your sheets are appraised, the reviewer(s) will focus on your continuing professional development activities and whether or not you have met the requirements. However, it will greatly help the reviewer(s) if your writing is clear and acronyms are avoided. Remember to save a copy of the sheets in your portfolio.

Click here for examples of completed Accomplishment Statement Sheets.

Click here for a print version of the Accomplishment Statement Sheet (pdf).
Use this version to print and fill in the form by hand. Store it in your professional portfolio.

Click here to view the Accomplishment Statements Peer Review Form (pdf).

When you are ready to submit your accomplishment statements, please click here

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