Continuing Competence


The Regulated Health Professions Act requires all regulatory bodies including the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM) to establish and maintain a continuing competency program to promote high practice standards among registrants. Continuing competence requires that the health professionals demonstrate to their respective Colleges that they maintain and enhance their ability to practice.

Physiotherapists in Manitoba have always engaged in continuing professional development activities. In order to support their efforts, the Continuing Competency Committee has designed a user-friendly program that is relevant to all and has the flexibility to adapt to various workplace environments.

The Continuing Competency Program has been designed to provide the physiotherapist with the tools to demonstrate the maintenance of competence and enhancement of practice. It consists of three components.



Practice Reflection

  • Designed to promote self-assessment, professional accountability and reflection.
  • All members will be required to complete a Practice Reflection submission on a yearly basis.
  • Randomly selected members will be required to submit for peer review.
  • The Peer Review criteria have been modified to make this portion of the program more educational in nature. Feedback is provided to help guide and improve the reflection process.

Practice Audit

  • Designed to allow registrants to demonstrate competence while providing a positive learning experience.
  • The Practice Audit process was piloted in 2016 with success and has continued with the goal of auditing 5% of registrants per year. This process allows for an onsite or virtual review of a physiotherapists practice with relation to the legislation and Practice Directions mandated by CPM. Registrants chosen are provided with all the educational materials needed to prepare and receive communication both from their selected auditor and the program coordinator as needed. This is an educational opportunity for the physiotherapist to demonstrate their competence through this supportive comprehensive review process.

Practice Support

  • Designed to support registrants in clinical practice as identified through the Practice Audit process.
  • This process is individualized for registrants with input from peers sitting on the Continuing Competence Committee.

Program Philosophy and Goals (PDF)

This publication is available in alternate formats on request.

Further information on how to submit the Practice Reflection Submission and the related educational materials will be made available shortly.