Step 3: Physiotherapy National Exam

You must complete the Clinical Component (Physiotherapy National Exam) with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR). Please note that you must be registered for the next available sitting of the Clinical Component in order to register as an Exam Candidate.

The Clinical Component tests your physiotherapy knowledge, skills and abilities, including your communication skills and professional behaviour. Examiners will observe you as you solve clinical problems.

CAPR administers the clinical component. You can complete the exam in major cities in Canada. Opportunities to complete the exam are provided twice a year, including once in Winnipeg, in autumn. You will choose an exam date on the Registration Application form. CPM requires you to select the first available opportunity to undertake the clinical component.

Registration Application Form
Visit the CAPR website at for:

  • Registration Application form
  • Candidate Handbook (provides exam fees, application deadlines, locations and dates, and a description of the exam)
  • Orientation Resource (provides sample questions and advice on preparing for the exam)

The fee for the clinical component is $1,813 (2020).

CAPR will mail you information about location and date of your exam upon receipt of your application. You will receive your exam results by mail within 12 weeks.

You must notify the College immediately of your results.
a) If you pass the clinical component:

  • You may proceed to STEP 6. Active Practice. You must complete STEP 6 within 30 days of receiving your exam results.

b) If you do NOT pass the clinical component:

  • Contact CPM and let them know you were not successful at the exam. At this time they will inform you that you must register for the next available clinical component. Verification of registering for the next available exam must be sent to CPM within 30 days of receiving your exam results.
  • You can apply to CAPR to receive more information on your exam results so that you can focus on the areas of study where you were weakest. There is a fee for this service

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