Should I apply for the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) Part 1 at the same time that I apply for Credentialling?
No. You must complete the Credentialling process before you can apply for PCE Part 1.

Can I continue practising under supervision as an Exam Candidate even if I do NOT pass PCE Part 2?
You can practise under supervision for up to two years after you pass PCE Part 1. During this period, you are allowed three attempts to pass PCE Part 2. If you do NOT pass the exam after three attempts, you must restart the registration process.

How do I secure employment if I don’t know anyone in Manitoba?
You can seek employment in a hospital, where you will be exposed to all areas of practice. You can also seek employment in rural Manitoba, where there are many jobs. Your employer will assign a staff member to supervise you.

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