3. Registration and Licencing Directions

3. Registration and Licencing Directions

3.1 Registration On The Active Practice Register of Applicants Not Working in Manitoba  Updated June 2017

3.2 Registration on the Student Roster  Updated June 2017

3.3 Registration On The Examination Candidate Register  Updated August 2022

3.4 Temporary Registration  Updated March 2017

3.5 Registration of International Physiotherapy Candidates Please contact CPM for information

3.6 Re-Entry to Practice  Please contact CPM for information

3.7 Request for Licensure from International Student  Updated March 2017

3.8 Approved Entry-to-Practice Examination Please contact CPM for information

3.9 Approval of Academic Program Education Facilities Updated January 2019

3.10 Practice Hours

3.11 Membership In Good Standing Updated October 2019

3.12 Proof of English and French Proficiency

3.13 Failure of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (OSCE) Please contact CPM for information

3.14 Labour Mobility  Updated May 2018

3.15 Prior Learning and Remediation Evaluation (PLAR)

3.16 Renewal Procedure  Updated April 2020

3.17 Leave of Absence

3.18 Change in Registration Status Updated April 2020

3.19 Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

3.20 Supervised Practice for Examination Candidates Please contact CPM for information

3.21 Safeguarding Personal Information About Registrants

3.22 Criminal Convictions

3.23 Criminal Record Checks for Registration  Updated January 2018

3.24 Renewal Administrative Policy Updated April 2020



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