CPM Covid Bulletin #28

CPM Covid Bulletin #28


We would like to share the following updates with you regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic in Manitoba.


Shared Health: Covid-19 Vaccine Voluntary Disclosure Process – Update for Direct Care Workers

Shared Health posted the following bulletin on September 15, 2021

Important Information for Health Care Workers

Effective October 31, 2021, under new Public Health Orders, all direct care workers (defined below) will be required to provide proof of their fully vaccinated status to their employer OR undergo regular COVID-19 testing. Prior communication related to this requirement is available, here (August 24, 2021), and an FAQ is available here.

In preparation for this requirement, managers and/or their designate will be connecting with health care workers who meet the definition of a direct care worker. (Definition included below)

Individuals whose work activities and/or role are determined to fall within the requirements of the upcoming Public Health Order will be asked to complete a COVID-19 Vaccine Status Voluntary Disclosure Form in the coming days. While the completion of this form is a requirement, in advance of the Public Health Order taking effect, an option to decline to disclose vaccination status is included.

Sharing this information will assist in planning and preparation efforts underway to ensure the ongoing delivery of health care services for Manitobans. This information is essential in the planning and preparation of staff scheduling, service/care continuity, risk mitigation, and the development of an efficient rapid testing approach for those who are not fully vaccinated.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation. Please know that your privacy and the protection of your personal health information are priorities and we are committed to the security of your information.

All discussions with your manager/designate, including your voluntarily disclosure form and the validation (by QR code, Manitoba Immunization Card or alternative official documentation) of those who disclose full vaccination, will occur in a quiet, private location away from other members of the health care team.


Direct Care Workers are defined broadly as staff, physicians, students, contractors and volunteers. Direct Care Health Care Workers are further defined as, including but not limited to physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, support services and others deemed appropriate for each site/area/program in public and private health-care settings. This includes those who may come in direct contact with patients/residents/clients, patient/resident/client care environments, patient/resident/client care equipment and blood and body fluids.

Direct patient/resident/client care is defined as providing hands on or psychosocial care, face-to-face contact with patients for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment. and monitoring.  In addition, this includes: providing assistance in the performance of daily activities of living, including but not limited to, eating, mobility, dressing, grooming, bathing, personal hygiene. This would not include administrative or support services where there is no direct contact with patients/residents/clients. 

Direct patient/resident/client environment is defined as any enclosed space where the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients/residents/clients occurs, including the patient/resident/client’s personal residence.

This would not include common areas such as elevators, cafeteria, hallways, public washrooms, but would include wards, private patient/resident rooms, transport facilities/vehicles.


We understand that there remain a number of questions about these requirements, your options related to testing, and the testing process itself. A Frequently Asked Questions document is in the process of being updated as these details are confirmed leading up to October 31, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine Status Voluntary Disclosure Form is currently limited to computers connected to a Digital Health managed environment. The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba is working with Shared Health to obtain a copy of this form, and will circulate it to Registrants by email as soon as it becomes available.


Free Rapid Tests for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

The Government of Canada, some provincial/territorial governments and distribution partners are providing free rapid COVID-19 tests to organizations. These tests are to be used for regular workplace screening of employees.

Businesses and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply.

To find out more information about these kits, click here


Safety Glasses

The College of Physiotherapists announced our partnership with the Manitoba Association of Optometrists in December of 2020 to offer registrants of the College the ability to purchase safety glasses. Registrants of the College can purchase prescription safety eyewear at a fraction of the normal pricing (usually 1/4 – 1/3 of regular cost). Prescription safety glasses are sold according to the frame, lens and professional fees pricing agreed to with us.

We have received an updated list of participating Optometrist’s locations, and have included it below:

Participating Optometrists Locations

Poster for CPM Registrants

Safety Glasses Catalog

CPM Authorization Form



The College has received a number of questions, often following the Public Health Order announcements. Sometimes, we do not have any more insight into the Public Health Order than anyone else. CPM encourages you to also contact the Provincial Hotline (Engage Manitoba) to seek answers to your questions. The number is 204-945-3744.

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