CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #5

CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #5

Hello Manitoba Registrants:

CPM hopes that you are staying safe and healthy.

We have been monitoring the daily reports from the Provincial government and Shared Services. In the past few days, the number of confirmed cases of COVID 19 remained relatively stable. However, at today’s new brief, they announced an increase of 14 people in Manitoba who tested positive with one person in intensive care (total of 35 presumed/confirmed cases). We knew this day would come, so, we are sending out a bulletin to registrants to remind you of steps to take and other information.

Manitoba Health continues to remind people to not travel outside of the province and to limit travel inside the province as well. The advice being given continues to be to social distance yourself when going outside of your home but to stay home as much as possible. The message to wash your hands frequently and well, is still being rendered by Manitoba Health. These precautions can go a long way to “flattening he curve” and reducing the effect of spread of the virus.

There have been a number of e-mails received by CPM about CPM mandating the closure of clinics. None of the physiotherapy regulators in Canada have legislation which permits them to close physiotherapy clinics. In every province, some form of emergency measures legislation has been enacted by the provincial government, including Manitoba. It is through the Emergency Measures Act that the provincial government can force closure of businesses including clinics and workplaces. Last week, the government closed casinos, day cares, schools, fitness facilities and gyms for example. To date, physiotherapy clinics have not been mandated to close.

Clinics that choose to remain open must ensure proper safe and sanitary conditions on their premises. Please see Practice Direction 4.5 Routine Practice (Formerly “Infection Control”) and Practice Direction 4.4 Safe, Sanitary, and Appropriate Environment. This would include frequent cleaning of the clinical space, changing of linen, including pillowcases between patients, and provisions for clinic curtains. Screening of patients before they enter the clinic and receive treatment should be undertaken.

Physiotherapists who provide service in the community should review the following document from Shared Health: COVID-19 Provincial Guidance and Screening Tool for Management of Home Visits. Information is updated regularly, please visit the Manitoba Health website frequently.

Currently CPM knows of more than 70 clinics have closed. However, we are receiving calls from the public seeking care in more urgent or post surgical states. We would ask all clinics that if you are still open, please contact CPM. Also, if you are providing services by Tele-Rehab to also let the Office know. We have developed a survey which will help us collect the information on Telerehabilitation. Click here to access the short survey.

The CPM office remains available for questions, and concerns. As this situation is evolving we do not always have the answers immediately but will look into it. We are accessing daily briefings from the provincial government daily.

Stay safe everyone.

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