CPM Covid-19 Bulletin #33

CPM Covid-19 Bulletin #33

The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba received the following bulletin from Shared Health on June 15, 2022 regarding updated information on the Shared Health website for Manitobans with Long COVID or post-COVID conditions.  Please see below for the bulletin:

New resources for health providers treating patients with long COVID / post COVID-19 condition

Today, we launched new webpages on the Shared Health website for Manitobans with Long COVID or post-COVID conditions, with a section for patients and another specifically for providers.

For patients/clients, the site is essentially a one-stop-shop with info, advice and resources to aid in their recovery, including resources to help manage fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, brain fog and mental health conditions, as well as resources created specifically for children and teens. There are also links to virtual courses on topics like mindfulness, nutrition and physical activity.

The new webpage for post-COVID-19 conditions is available at: sharedhealthmb.ca/patient-care/long-covid.

There are also new web pages specifically for providers (with more to come), which you can see here: sharedhealthmb.ca/health-providers/long-covid.

While some of the provider content is still in production, providers can already access symptom referral pathways for Winnipeg (pathways for outside Winnipeg coming soon), services available without a prescriber referral and the COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehab Screen (C19-YRS)-Manitoba – a straightforward tool that assesses the impact of multiple post COVID-19 condition symptoms on a person’s daily function and life. These tools are meant to help health-care providers refer patients to the most appropriate resource for care.   

In the coming weeks, the provider section will also include pathways for regions across the province, and many other resources including guidelines and literature, resources related to children and teens and more.

Please find below a poster about the new webpages that can be put up anywhere patients might see it.

English Poster                                French Poster

As always, up-to-date information is available at the following locations:

Information for the Public: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/

Information for Health Care Providers, Physicians & Staff https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/providers/

The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba continues to recommend that Physiotherapists follow the guidelines issued by Shared Health. We know that some physiotherapists have been faced with challenges with these requirements, however we commend all physiotherapists who continue to promote and provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and clients. Stay tuned for the June 2022 newsletter that will provide some additional guidance on the current Covid 19 protocols.

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