CPM Covid-19 Bulletin #21

CPM Covid-19 Bulletin #21

Since our last Bulletin to you, there have been a number of changes and we are sending this Bulletin #21 to update you. As of December 8, 2020, the Public Health Orders have been extended to January 8, 2021 and a few changes have been made. Please click here to see the announced changes.

The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba has received information about what to do if Covid 19 has appeared at your worksite. With the spread of this disease, it was only a matter of time before rehabilitation / physiotherapy businesses would be affected.

Here is what we now know and want to share with you. While this information applies to any Manitoba business, physiotherapists have the additional responsibility to wear PPE, to screen patients, to distance whenever possible and to wash our hands.

Guidance Document for Manitoba Business if an Employee Tests Positive for Covid-19

Covid-19 Screening checklist



The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba and the other regulators in Manitoba, worked with Shared Health when they asked which professions had the ability to do nasopharyngeal swabbing within their scope of practice. It was determined that with the entry to practice education that physiotherapists receive; this task is within our scope. The Public Health Orders that followed granted physiotherapists the ability to do this task during the time of the pandemic.  Education will be required and is available through Red River College. We understand that some registrants of the College are working for Shared Health and performing this task. Click here for more information.

Currently, the government is asking which professions could also perform vaccine injections. We expect to see a new Public Health Order which will include physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. While it is out of scope for physiotherapists to administer drugs or vaccines, the Public Health Order will supersede the current scope and this would be limited to the period of the pandemic. Training will definitely be required before any physiotherapist or physiotherapy student would be allowed to practice. More information will follow when the Public Health Order is announced.



On November 17, 2020, Shared Health announced that health care workers and first responders will have increased access to COVID-19 testing as two new initiatives were launched in Winnipeg. Click here for more information about this announcement.



The College has received a number of questions, often following the announcement of new Public Health Orders, which we do not have any more insight into than anyone else. In this case, the College is recommending that physiotherapists contact the Provincial Hotline (Engage Manitoba) offered through Shared Health. The number to call is 204-945-3744. Thank you to Nancy Goodall for sharing this information with CPM.



The College is pleased to announce that Council and staff have worked with the Manitoba Association of Optometrists to offer registrants of the College the ability to purchase safety glasses. Registrants of the College can purchase prescription safety eyewear at a fraction of the normal pricing (usually ¼ – 1/3 of regular cost). Prescription safety glasses are sold according to the frame, lens and professional fees pricing agreed to with us.

Covid-19 protocols are in place and booked appointments are required. If you do plan to take advantage of this plan, please advise staff at the optometrist’s office that you are a registered physiotherapist and that you are coming in for prescription safety eyewear. Take your current CPM registration certificate with you at the time of your appointment.

For more information about this program, please see the documents below:

Poster for CPM Registrants

Participating Optometrists Locations

Safety Glasses Catalog 

CPM Authorization Form

Client Company Price Lists ALL Feb 1 2021

Glasses Photo


The CPM office is not accessible to the public during this pandemic. The staff are available through telephone, and e-mail while staff remain at home. From December 21 until January 4, 2021, the staff will be on vacation. Messages will be checked for emergencies throughout this period.



Renewal packages will be sent to registrants electronically in the middle of December, probably next week. If you do not receive yours, please call the office as soon as possible. If you are working through the RHPA module for the College Selected Activities Program, and you run into problems, please contact the office to assist you. We are aware that there are problems with the program and are trying to work out the kinks. Please be patient.

The Council is very appreciative of all that our registrants have been doing in their workplaces, and in their personal lives, to beat this pandemic. We know that many of you have been seconded to do other jobs, or are working in teams in an intra-collaborative setting to assist nursing or others. We have heard comments from others such as “Who knew that physiotherapists could do that!” The Council is extremely proud of members of the profession and how they are being perceived. You should be very proud of yourselves. Thank you for all that you do and the risk that you continuously take to your health and that of your family.


Stay safe and stay healthy!

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