CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #2

CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #2

The College recognizes that the COVID-19 situation is unprecedented, uncertain and challenging for the public, patients and registrants. Along with other regulatory colleagues in Manitoba and across Canada, CPM staff is keeping up to date on emerging news about COVID-19 and making information available to registrants, either through e-blasts or on our website.

Many registrants and clinic owners in the community, including but not limited to private practice, in-home private services and mobile physiotherapy services, are asking for advice about suspending services. The College does not have the legal authority to mandate practice closures or direct physiotherapists to cease practice. Rather, the College is looking to public health principles and guidance provided by Manitoba’s Provincial Health Office, Shared Health and Manitoba Health Seniors and Active Living, to inform our advice to registrants and the public.

To date, our advice has been that registrants and clinic owners should do their own risk assessment and determine what is best for individuals, patients and staff. We continue to believe that individual risk assessment is good practice.  We have heard from Manitoba Health that “social distancing” is a factor to prevent spread of the virus. This can mean not being in crowds of 20 or more people and physically distancing yourself from others, including staff and patients. Part of your decision making can be around the provision of services in the community only to those patients who have urgent needs. The College cannot define what an urgent need is in the context of each practice but this should be a key consideration in your assessment process. Factors to consider when weighing whether your practice, or aspects of it, provides an urgent service, includes the patient population, practice locations and other available services.

Services may be postponed, cancelled or provided by tele-rehabilitation if tele-rehabilitation is an appropriate option to meet patient needs. Tele-rehabilitation services should be provided in accordance with the standards of practice and the Telerehabilitation Guide provided by the College. Skype and Face Time appointments are not secure or encrypted for Tele-Rehab appointments. You may need to purchase separate insurance for Tele- Rehab service provision as well as a separate platform.

The College also encourages registrants to use the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as you make decisions about continuing or discontinuing services.

The College recognizes that decisions being made with respect to COVID-19 come with consequences: personal, financial and ethical and these are very challenging times. If you have specific questions that are not addressed on the website or in our e-blasts to registrants, please contact the College and we will respond as quickly as possible. Staff can be reached at: 204-287-8502 or info@manitobaphysio.com

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