CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #15

CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #15

Today marks the third consecutive day that no new cases of Covid-19 have been found in Manitoba. This is great news! We thank all registrants and their clients who have been diligent in following the orders of social distancing, good hand washing and wearing PPE.  CPM has received numerous calls from registrants seeking clarification on masks, eye protection, etc., and we welcome these requests to assist you in following the public health orders. More clarity is provided in this Bulletin, in order to answer your questions on these topics.

We recently found an interesting article about an epidemiologist who had worked with other viruses such as Ebola and SARS, but it was the Covid-19 virus that he contracted. He has an interesting story to tell about how Covid-19 affected him. It is a great reminder about why we follow the public health orders and use PPE: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/finally-virus-got-me-scientist-who-fought-ebola-and-hiv-reflects-facing-death-covid-19


This week, Shared Health issued a table on PPE requirements and also updated guidance on face masks. Please follow these links:


CPM has also received calls about disinfectants and hand sanitizers. Health Canada has information on their website about these products and what to look for when purchasing either type of product:

Also on the Health Canada website, is information about medical devices such as masks and respirators and about non-medical masks:

Shared Health does not consider non-medical cloth masks to be a substitute for the surgical or procedural masks required as part of PPE equipment. Your clients, who are not required to wear PPE, may wear a cloth mask. But as a health care provider, you are required to wear PPE that is specified by Shared Health:  https://sharedhealthmb.ca/files/covid-19-use-of-cloth-face-masks.pdf

CPM has also received many calls about protective eyewear since this was mandated by Shared Health last week. Protective eyewear is described by Shared Health to be “face shields, eye goggles or safety glasses”.  Regular eye glasses are not considered to be protective eyewear.

Shared Health has not provided any further specifications or guidance about any of these products.

CPM understands that face shields may cause issues for registrants. In that case you may wish to try eye goggles or safety glasses. Cleaning of protective eyewear is important and Shared Health has issued recommendations on their website about cleaning protocol: 

As we head into the May long weekend, CPM wishes you an excellent weekend. Remember to socially distance yourself and wash your hands.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.




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