CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #14

CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #14

Thank you to all registrants who ordered masks and shields through CPM and picked them up last Saturday at the CPM office. We sold out of the 10,000 face masks we ordered but still have about 13 face shields left for sale. We are pleased to hear that Jim Hayes of the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association has contacted our distributor to make arrangements to sell more masks, face shields and cleaning supplies and MPA will carry the torch.

CPM also thanks all registrants who contacted us with very positive remarks about the Council video that we e-blasted last week.

We received a number of calls this week about PPE. Many of the calls were about the use of face shields. Last week, Shared Health recognized 3 categories of patients- those who were Covid positive, those who were Covid suspected and those who were non-suspect patients. In this last category, the definition was “residents, or clients who do not meet the criteria for testing and/ or those who have been tested and their results are negative and/or those who have been tested and their results are positive but they have been deemed “recovered” by Public Health or Infectious Disease( if an inpatient).

None of these categories covered asymptomatic clients, who may be potential carriers and clients that you are seeing. Later this week, it was verified that a trucking firm in Brandon had a weekend employee who worked all weekend at the company, finished on Monday and tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday. Since then six or seven others from the same company have tested positive.

In response to telephone calls to the office, we were giving out advice that wearing face shields as well as a face mask, would better protect physiotherapists against droplet spread, especially if their client was an asymptomatic carrier. This apparently caused confusion to CPM registrants.

We regret any confusion or uncertainty. However, we get our information from Shared Health and sometimes they update their recommendations several times a week.

Yesterday, Shared Health issued new and updated recommendations. Please follow the following links. Shared Health is now advocating the use of face masks and shields for community clinics.


Shared Health also instructs that cloth masks are not a substitute for health care workers wearing PPE. Information about what is an acceptable face mask and how to don and doff and clean them is also on the Shared Health site. They have now developed a new cleaning protocol for cleaning N95 masks. Information can be found on the shared health website: https://sharedhealthmb.ca.

Have a restful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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