CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #11

CPM COVID-19 Bulletin #11

Last night at 6:00 pm, we received an e-mail from Shared Health which updates the guidance they had provided on the provision of services permitted under the Public Health Act Order.

The day before, we had posted and sent out Bulletin #10, with information about services to MPI and WCB.  Shared Health has now changed their position on the treatment of WCB and MPI clients. Please click here to access the Memo from Dr. Brent Roussin. We thank those members who have contacted CPM about Bulletin #10 and the misbelief about the information we printed. We were working with the information that had previously been reported to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Manitoba Physiotherapy Association (MPA) also circulated an email to their members with an update from MPI regarding telephone and exercise check ins. To view this email, please click here.

Please note that the treatment of clients in a private setting, according to the Public Health Act orders, are to be prioritized to urgent and emergent clients who would deteriorate without treatment. In previous bulletins, we provided examples of who these clients could be. Click here to see the bulletin with those examples.  As Dr. Roussin stated, it is not “business as usual”. This is a public health law, under the Emergency Measures Act, and is punishable by law if registrants defy this order.

CPM has also been receiving a lot of questions about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

All physiotherapists in public practice should continue to follow the direction of their workplace for appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For physiotherapists working in other practice areas, including private practitioners, please note that as of the week of April 13th Shared Health has indicated the following:

  • For all in person visits the Physiotherapist is required to wear a medical grade procedural mask, gloves and eye protection. Limiting your contact and maintaining social distancing still applies.
  • Only in cases where the patient is presenting with respiratory symptoms, or has identified as positive for Covid-19, the physiotherapist is also required to don a gown in addition to the mask, gloves and eye protection.
  • In all situations routine practices still apply (i.e. frequent hand washing) and appropriately donning and doffing of your PPE is required.


For further details and links on how to don and doff your PPE please see the following links:




As we head into a lovely sunny weekend, please stay healthy and safe. Continue to keep your social distance from others and avoid more than 10 minutes of contact time with others. Wash your hands frequently. Have a relaxing and less stressful weekend.  Talk to you next week!

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