Covid-19 Bulletin #29

Covid-19 Bulletin #29

Well, it was bound to happen and it did!

Last week, CPM sent Bulletin #28 to the membership late on the Friday afternoon. Simultaneously new Public Health Orders were being signed. Our Bulletin was almost “old news”.

Here’s what we know today:

The Public Health Order has made specific requirements for all “designated persons” respecting vaccinations and testing. Please see the order here.

A major change is that despite the earlier announcements that the Order and requirements for vaccination and testing, would take effect on October 30, this new Order has moved the date up to October 18 at 12:01 a.m.

CPM has finally been in contact with Senior Management at Shared Health to ascertain whether physiotherapists in private practice are bound by the definition of “designated persons”. Here is what CPM was told:

“For physiotherapists, it includes physiotherapists working in hospitals, northern nursing stations operated by the government of Manitoba, personal care homes or supportive housing facilities, facilities operated by Shared Health, a regional health authority, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba or a community services agency that has a funding agreement with Shared Health or a regional health authority, residential mental health facilities or addictions treatment facilities operated by or the subject of a funding agreement with the government of Manitoba.

It would also apply to physiotherapists working with children at a school, in child care centre, physiotherapists employed by the government of Manitoba in contact with vulnerable populations, child and family services staff or funded agency staff in direct contact with vulnerable populations.

The order would not apply to private practice physiotherapists in a private office setting.”

CPM has been receiving copies of member’s QR codes as proof of vaccination. However, it is not necessary to send your QR code to CPM.  CPM is just following the requirements of the Public Health Orders and CPM does not require proof of your vaccination status.

If you have questions, please contact CPM or the Provincial Hotline at 204-945-3744.

Thank you for your patience as we try to keep you informed.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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