Government-Mandated Committees

The following committees are mandated by the government to ensure the quality of physiotherapy for all Manitobans.

Board of Assessors

  • Considers applications for registration to determine if applicants are eligible to be physiotherapists
  • Determines the eligibility of international students applying for clinical placements in Manitoba
  • Develops guidelines on practice hours
  • Reviews physiotherapy education programs and makes recommendations to Council

Complaints Committee

  • Reviews written complaints received by the College of Physiotherapists (CPM) against registered physiotherapists. This may include complaints about boundary violations, physical harm, breach of confidentiality and unethical behaviour
  • Meets as often as required to determine whether to investigate the complaint or take other action such as forwarding the complaint to the Inquiry Committee

Inquiry Committee

  • Holds a formal hearing into complaints referred by the Complaints Committee
  • Following a formal hearing, finds the member guilty or not guilty, with or without consequences

Non-Statutory Committees

These committees are not mandated by the government. They are established by Council to help the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM) perform its activities.

Physiotherapy Standards Committee
Investigates, informs and makes recommendations to Council regarding physiotherapy practice such as:

  • Treatment new to the practice of physiotherapy
  • Treatment techniques, programs or modalities
  • Changes to physiotherapy practice that may modify current procedures of practice

Ethics Committee

  • Reviews and updates policies related to ethics such as Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest
  • Educates members and the public about ethical behaviour

Legislative Committee

  • Investigates, informs and makes recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to the legislation of physiotherapy practice
  • Drafts and reviews acts, regulations and by-laws such as The Physiotherapists Act, and CPM regulations and by-laws be incorporated into the new The Regulated Professions Act

Governance and Nominations Committee

  • Recruits and selects physiotherapy members and public members to serve on the Council or various committees
  • Reviews and updates Governance policies of CPM

Continuing Competence Committee

  • Plans and develops a Continuing Competence program for all practising physiotherapists in Manitoba
  • Implements the Continuing Competence program
  • Evaluates and improves the Continuing Competence program