Government-Mandated Committees

The following committees are mandated by the government to ensure the quality of physiotherapy for all Manitobans.

Board of Assessors

  • Considers applications for registration to determine if applicants are eligible to be physiotherapists
  • Determines the eligibility of international students applying for clinical placements in Manitoba
  • Develops guidelines on practice hours
  • Reviews physiotherapy education programs and makes recommendations to Council

Complaints Committee

  • Reviews written complaints received by the College of Physiotherapists (CPM) against registered physiotherapists. This may include complaints about boundary violations, physical harm, breach of confidentiality and unethical behaviour
  • Meets as often as required to determine whether to investigate the complaint or take other action such as forwarding the complaint to the Inquiry Committee

Inquiry Committee

  • Holds a formal hearing into complaints referred by the Complaints Committee
  • Following a formal hearing, finds the member guilty or not guilty, with or without consequences

Non-Statutory Committees

These committees are not mandated by the government. They are established by Council to help the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM) perform its activities.

Special Projects Committee

  • Council and/or the Registrar may refer issues to the Special Projects Committee for research and advice on the development of policy, statements, standards, or activities of the College.
  • Issues will be time-limited and finite in nature.

Ethics Committee

  • Reviews and updates policies related to ethics such as Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest
  • Educates members and the public about ethical behaviour

Legislative Committee

  • Investigates, informs and makes recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to the legislation of physiotherapy practice
  • Drafts and reviews acts, regulations and by-laws such as The Physiotherapists Act, and CPM regulations and by-laws be incorporated into the new The Regulated Professions Act

Governance and Nominations Committee

  • Recruits and selects physiotherapy members and public members to serve on the Council or various committees
  • Reviews and updates Governance policies of CPM

Continuing Competence Committee

  • Plans and develops a Continuing Competence program for all practising physiotherapists in Manitoba
  • Implements the Continuing Competence program
  • Evaluates and improves the Continuing Competence program