Registration Categories

Active Physiotherapist
A physiotherapist who is an active registered member practising physiotherapy in Manitoba.

Inactive Physiotherapist
A physiotherapist who is a non-active registered member, on leave from practising physiotherapy in Manitoba.

Exam Candidate Physiotherapist
A newly graduated physiotherapist, an internationally educated physiotherapist, or a person who is re-entering the profession after being away for more than five years. An Exam Candidate physiotherapist can practise physiotherapy only under supervision in Manitoba. See Supervision for details. All registrants in this category are in the process of completing the Physiotherapy Competence Exam (CPE) in order to become registered on the Active Practice Register.

Student Physiotherapist
A physiotherapy student who is undertaking a supervised fieldwork placement in Manitoba. All such students are required to be on the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM) Student Register. This policy includes University of Manitoba students, students from other Canadian University programs in physiotherapy, and international physiotherapy students.